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this boy is a rainbow

this boy is a rainbow tells a touching story of gay love and heartache, healing and empowerment. It is the story of a boy who lost love and thought he would never be whole again. Divided into three chapters, it follows his journey as he endured the storm, found the sun, and became the rainbow.

Featuring over two-hundred original poems and illustrations, the collection encourages readers not only to survive the storm, but to thrive in it. And when the storm is over, be ready to let love in again. For love is everywhere, if only you open your heart.

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this boy is a constellation

this boy is a constellation is a brazenly honest and achingly relatable collection about coming of age and falling in love in the modern world. Divided into four chapters, it is a journey across the stars that explores loneliness and letting go, finding your purpose and challenging expectations, the pain and beauty of young love, the damaging effects of social media on self-worth and body image, and learning to love yourself. It is a collection not just about overcoming how other people see you, but how you see yourself. And when you do, learning to celebrate your unique constellation.

Featuring stunning original artwork alongside handwritten, blackout, and list poems, this is an insightful and powerful book that speaks to the concerns and struggles of youth today.

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